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Few areas of our lives will remain untouched by intelligent machines.

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From personalised searches of Google to the seductive experience of driverless cars, from educational robots that hone your French to prosthetics that are stronger and faster than our own limbs: artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionise our lives.

At the heart of the revolution is you, the consumer. With computers getting smaller, more powerful and more energy-efficient, few areas of our lives will remain untouched by intelligent machines.

Intelligent machines could turn education, healthcare and daily life into optimised, tailored experiences. Getting society on side is big, and it’s clever.


Driverless cars

■ Who pays damages in an accident?

■ Should children and the elderly be allowed to ‘drive’ them too?

■ Should such cars have to obey current road rules, such as speed limits?

Intelligent prostheses

■ Will robotic enhancements give users an unfair advantage?

■ Should intelligent prostheses be available to the able-bodied?

■ Who decides whether you should be allowed a prosthesis?

Social robots

■ Could faults in or hacking of intelligent robots cause physical harm to users?

■ Will intelligent robots redefine the roles of teachers, carers and others?

Implanted devices

■ Will intelligent implants mean the end of privacy?

■ Who will technically own the device and its data?

■ Will implants make exams worthless, as inherent ability becomes blurred?

Medical assistants

■ How far should doctors trust intelligent systems?

■ Who gives consent to sharing medical records with intelligent systems?

■ Will intelligent systems be able to democratise access to the best diagnostic medicine?


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