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Future Dimensions and Artificial Intelligence

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Future Dimensions

The present is surreal and one thing is for sure, the future will be weirder still. Anders Sandberg of the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford and other thinkers mull over whether humans might become the pets of intelligent machines; what threat does epidemic disease pose, and why we feel such a need to predict the future anyway.

I believe some of the following video is exaggerated but not too far off what may happen:

Director Biography: Ryan Harding is a photographer and film maker based in London.

Producer: Marianna Petrilli



  1. Looking ahead is important; it’s too bad it’s done publicly by people with such clear axes to grind, particularly Warwick. Though if you stop defining people with technology as “cyborgs” and call them “human”, and admit that this is happening right now due to AI, big data, social media and mobile phones, then I’d actually agree with him, at least in that some of his “predictions” are currently occurring. I think it’s scary to the point of being unethical the number of people in this video who “predict” descriptions of the present as future possible threats.

  2. Colin Lewis says:

    So true Joanna, it is scary that they predict the present as future possibility. Plus I think it’s the two big mistakes of AI.
    To think it’s already happened or indeed nearly achieved, and;
    To think it’s never going to happen at least not in my lifetime.
    Although I do think they should have spent more time speaking about Cyborgs which may be an even bigger issue with equal concern of ethics and policy,

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